American painter Megan Sievert taps into realms of cosmic consciousness through Abstract Expressionism. Complex, chaotic and often circular themes characterize her work with an unexpected explosion of colors and wild strokes giving each painting a unique sense of vibrancy and intensity. The artist is best known for her series Gulugufe Art, a collection of paintings produced over a decade, weaving through concepts of globalism and spiritualism.  Gulugufe Art is heartfelt, personal and passionate. The technique is intuitive, the process is cathartic, and each painting reveals layers of the psyche, a labyrinth of wanderlust and the transformative spirit.

I throw paint from the subconscious. I try not to think; I just feel my way forward. Sometimes I paint vertical. Sometimes I paint horizontal. Sometimes I drip and sometimes I flip. Sometimes I swirl and sometimes I brush.  Sometimes I use my fingers and sometimes I use a stick. Usually I just relax and let gravity take its course to see what unfolds. My biggest challenge is knowing when to stop one painting and when to start a new canvas.  


Born in Wisconsin and raised in Zambia, Pakistan, Norway, Venezuela and Hungary, my memories are fragments of a unique mosaic and I think my paintings may be a reflection of the global soul and a nomadic spirit.  I had the privilege of studying IB Art in high school and later took art electives at Beloit College, one of which was the opportunity to study under Nick Cave who was the Artist in Residence at the time. However, my exploration with acrylics and discovering my own style on canvas has been self-taught over the last decade.  After completing my degree in International Relations, my career began in public service through the Peace Corps in Malawi. I later studied at the New York Film Academy, continued with service in Ethiopia, led an NGO in Nicaragua and worked on the campaign trail in Wisconsin but the calling to paint has remained a constant throughout my journey.  Now based in Washington DC, I continue to work in international affairs while I develop my portfolio and start to exhibit my art.


Gulugufe means “butterfly” in Chichewa, the national language in Malawi. During my years in the “Warm Heart of Africa”, I was deeply inspired by all the butterflies constantly surrounding me in nature. This delicate, colorful and floating sensation I carry within inspired me to embrace gulugufe as a pseudonym for my creative endeavors. Each painting can be understood through the lens of contemporary abstract expressionism, but when the collection of Gulugufe Art is exhibited together, you are welcome to connect with other dimensions beyond.

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